Awesome Sketch Plugins

A collection of really useful Sketch plugins. You can contribute!


FontRapid by FontRapid Team visit website

Free Font Creation / Maker plugin for Sketch

FontRapid is a free Sketch plugin, helps designers create professional OpenType fonts with ease directly in Sketch app.

The output font can be used for print, web and mobile, and sold to anyone with no limit (both free and commercial use).

Please feel free to reach out to the authors and let them know what you think at [email protected].

Images Reinvented

Images Reinvented by Matthias Martin visit website

A better way to use images in Sketch.

Images Reinvented gives you full control over your images with a single click. It creates a group which contains your image and a mask.

Single Border

Single Border by Sures Kumar visit website

Add single borders in Sketch App with advanced controls.

Palette Stripes

Palette Stripes by Sures Kumar visit website

Sketch plugin to generate palette stripes from shape fills.

Minimum and maximum width of the stripes can be controlled.

Super Shapes

Super Shapes by Sures Kumar visit website

Super shapes is a sketch plugin that generates complex organic super-shapes using super formula.

Super shapes creates regular sketch shapes that you can alter later as you wish.


Stark by Michael Fouquet, Cat Noone, Benedikt Lehnert visit website

Ensure your design is accessible and high contrast for every type of color blindness.

Easily check your designs against the 8 different types of colorblindness. In addition, run a pair of colors against WCAG 2.0 contrast standards.

Foreign Ipsum

Foreign Ipsum by Braxton Huff visit website

Generate text for your mockups in multiple languages!

Add text to a language that already has something written for it. Be part of the community that makes Foreign Ipsum grow! Add your text here

Nudge, Push, Shove.

Nudge, Push, Shove. by Michael Fouquet visit website

Quickly change the big and small nudge settings and gain access to a new, bigger nudge setting.

Bring up a menu and change any of the three nudge settings to whatever you want. Sketch Runner support makes changing to predefined 16px grid options a snap.


Looper by Sures Kumar visit website

Duplicate, Rotate and Scale the smart way.

Looper helps automate duplication of groups and layers. One can control properties like Rotate, Scale and Opacity while duplicating. This powerful combination enables artists and designers to create interesting geometric and organic patterns.

PDF Export

PDF Export by David Williames visit website

Export all pages, current page or selected pages into a PDF document

You can also export artboards into a PDF as PNGs, and ignore artboards/pages based on a specified prefix. It is also optional to include Symbol Master artboards in the export.

Nudge Corner Radius

Nudge Corner Radius by David Williames visit website

Sketch Plugin to quickly change the corner radius of a layer through easy keyboard shortcuts.

Sometimes using keyboard shortcut are much easy than manipulating sliders with the mouse. Even if the values of the layer's corner radius differ — this plugin will respect that. e.g. 5;10;20;10. When editing any shape layer, the shortcut also works for nodes that have been selected! You can also change more than one selected layer at once! Talk about efficiency.

Nudge Resize

Nudge Resize by David Williames visit website

Sketch Plugin to quickly resize the width and height of a layer through easy keyboard shortcuts.

Similar to holding 'alt' whilst resizing with the mouse; 'Nudge Resize' works the same.


Cloudstitch by Ted Benson visit website

Fill your designs with live spreadsheet data from GSheets and Excel.


Nudged by Kevin Woodhouse visit website

A Sketch plugin to easily edit your nudge distance settings.

Sketch CodeFlow

Sketch CodeFlow by POP POP LLC visit website

Sketch CodeFlow turns artboards into code, along with several other useful features.

Version 1.0 turns artboards into only iOS Objective-C UIKit code. Swift, SpriteKit, OSX, Android, and more to come!

Qordoba for Sketch

Qordoba for Sketch by Qordoba visit website

Qordoba’s Sketch plugin allows designers to translate their mockups to other languages, making product internationalization easier.

To upload a selected Page to Qordoba, go to Plugins → Qordoba → Upload Current Page to Qordoba. You will be asked to choose which Organization and Project within Qordoba you’d like to send the Page to, in case you are a member of multiple Organizations / Projects.If the Page has already been sent to same Project, a versioning suffix will be added to the end of the Page name within Qordoba.

Golden Ratio Line Height by Lorenz Wöhr visit website

Optimize your typography based on font size, line-height and width.

Select one or more text layers. Then run `Plugins` > `Golden Line Height` or use `cmd` + `L`.

Sketch Action

Sketch Action by Khoa Pham visit website

Spotlight in Sketch

Press cmd + ctrl + o to open


ArtboardZoom by Mikko Tapionlinna visit website

Tiny plugin for zooming to Artboard of currently selected object.

Just press `cmd`+`4` to zoom into the closest Artboard parent of currently selected object.

Pixel Perfecter by Jakub Świadek visit website

Pixel Perfecter is a plugin that helps you find pixel imperfect layers in your documents.


RightFont by Markly Team visit website

RightFont is a brand new font manager app for Mac OS X, helping designers to preview, sync, install and manage fonts on your Mac or Dropbox/Google Drive.

RightFont also added font organization functionality for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, etc, and provides auto font activation feature for Adobe Photoshop & Sketch documents.

Sharpen Images by Alexey Masalov visit website

Sharpen your image layers in Sketch without leaving the app

Sharpen Images is powerful plugin that allows you to apply Unsharp Mask filter to image layers in Sketch.

Sketch Data Studio

Sketch Data Studio by Tyler Wolf visit website

Automatically generate charts and data tables with real numbers in Sketch. Import directly from CSV files.

Sketch Data Studio is useful for designers who want to design with real data and data scientists who want to quickly generate easily-customizable charts. Generate line charts, bar charts and a variety of data tables.

The plugin is regularly improved to meet user needs.


Markly by Markly Team visit website

Easily create design specs for Photoshop & Sketch

Markly is a measure and design spec plugin/extension for Photoshop & Sketch.

It is made for modern web designers & app front-end developers.

You can add specification marks by simple clicking and dragging. Coordinate, dimensions, distance or fonts, no matter what and where you want.


SketchingOn by WorkingOn visit website

Quickly select and share work in progress with your team via WorkingOn.

SketchingOn aims to take the pain out of sharing your work as you make progress.

Simply hit cmd + l to share to WorkingOn and any connected services, like Slack or HipChat.

Images are automatically embedded in Slack:

SketchingOn Example

You can learn more on GitHub.

Please feel free to reach out to the authors and let them know what you think at [email protected].

Sketch to Xcode assets catalog by Geert Wille visit website

A Sketch plugin that allows to export assets for iOS directly from Sketch into Xcodes assets catalog

Marvel Sketch

Marvel Sketch by Marvel App visit website

Export your artboards to your Marvel prototypes.

Create a project on and send your artboards to Marvel, link screens together by adding hotspot. After you made your prototype you can update your artboards at any time.


AEIconizer by tadija visit website

This plugin makes your life easy when you need to resize artwork for iOS app icon.

After creating icon in any square sized artboard, select any layer (or nothing if that's the only artboard on page), then run this plugin to generate all of the needed sizes for iOS.

Plugin replaces all generated artboards every time it runs, but it will never delete your original artboard.

Sketch States Switch

Sketch States Switch by Wenting Zhang visit website

A tool to save and switch states for quick demo purpose, Sketch 3.0.2+ support.

Save different states of your sketch files (the visibility of layers and layergroups) and switch between those saved states when you demo it in a meeting or something.

Generate Animated GIF by Nathan Rutzky visit website plugin for generating animated GIFs from a sequence of artboards.

Clear Styles by Nathan Rutzky visit website plugin for clearing all layer style properties.

Swap Fill & Border by Nathan Rutzky visit website plugin for swapping the fill and border color for all selected layers.

Sync Plugins by Nathan Rutzky visit website

Sync local plugins with their master version at GitHub.

Page Switch Plugin by Mauricio Uehara visit website

A dummy plugin to quickly switch between pages using keyboard shortcuts.

Color Contrast Analyser

Color Contrast Analyser by Florian Schulz visit website

A Sketch plugin that calculates the color contrast of two selected layers and evaluates it against the WCAG

The test may pass AAA, AA or fail because of a lack of contrast. And even when you do not need to meet those requirements, you can get a feeling for the contrast when you get used to the values. This might help you design accessible content.

Note: This plugin works with solid text and fill colors. Transparency is not supported yet.


AEFlowchart by tadija visit website

The idea of this plugin is to make it fast and easy to draw flowcharts in Sketch, because why not?

Basically, you add some text labels, convert them to appropriate flowchart shapes and then connect them.

You can see it in more detail on Vimeo.

Generate ICNS by Nathan Rutzky visit website

Generate an Apple Icon Image (.icns) from a sequence of artboards OR automatically

Sketch Dockpreview by Christian Petersen visit website

A Sketch plugin that lets you preview your current artboard in the Dock.


Press `⇧⌘D` (Shift + Command + D) to preview your work in the dock. Artboards are required.

Day Player

Day Player by Tyler Gaw visit website

A collection of Sketch Plugins for creating placeholder images.

What Does It Do?

It allows you to insert a customized placeholder image into any Sketch document from a number of different placeholder image services.

Auto Export Assets to Xcode by Matt Zanchelli visit website

Automatically Exporting Assets from Sketch into Xcode.

Not a sketch plugin at all, but awesome for Cocoa developers.

Content Generator

Content Generator by Timur Carpeev visit website

Sketch generator allows you quickly create dummy data such as avatars, names, geo location data etc.

Upcoming features

  • Shortcut for repeating last action
  • More types of data
  • Fetch content directly from different online sources
  • Installation and customization panel
  • Easier extensibility
  • Sketch 2.x support

Android Assets by Marius Mathiesen visit website

Generate Android assets in Sketch.

Sketch Commands

Sketch Commands by Ale Muñoz visit website

A collection of script commands and keyboard shortcuts for Sketch.

It's a port of Ale Muñoz's Orange Commands for Fireworks for Bohemian Coding’s


Measure by utom visit website

Measure tools for

Generate specifications for layers including size, color and font.


Framer by Ale Muñoz visit website

Export documents into FramerJS to make interactive prototypes.

Create your layered Sketch file, and save it somewhere. Run the plugin from the plugins menu. The framer prototype will be generated in a folder right next to where the Sketch file is saved

Dynamic Button by ddwht visit website

Dynamic button plug-in for allows to create buttons with fixed paddings no matter what text you add.


Watch on Youtube or read a tutorial on Medium

Generator by Ale Muñoz visit website

This command is a recreation for Sketch of the Photoshop Generator functionality introduced by Adobe on Photoshop CC (see this blog post on Adobe for more information).

What is this?

If you've ever had to prepare a screen design for production use, you know how painful and time consuming it is: creating slices, naming them, making sure they're properly aligned, painstakingly exporting assets...

Well, it's 2013, and slicing images is so last century. Computers were invented to let us work less and spend more time watching kitten videos, so get ready to reclaim some of your precious time back.

Sketch Generator will let you export all your assets, no matter how complex your design, with a single keystroke. Forget about slicing, exporting, or moving files manually: welcome to the future, where everything that can be made automatically is made automatically :)

Skrx by rxlabz visit website

Skrx ( ~skreecks ) exports a selection of elements (for now only the rectangles) to Apache Flex MXML or FXG description, and copy it to clipboard.

Lorem-Ipsum by Brandon Beecroft visit website

This is a plugin for quickly creating Lorem Ipsum text in Sketch.

Random Colored Box Grid

Random Colored Box Grid by Les R. Titze visit website

This plugin example creates a square group of boxes whose colors are randomly selected from three preset colors.

Colorful Gradients

Colorful Gradients by Duncan Beaton visit website

Import colorful gradients as shape fills.

Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns by Duncan Beaton visit website

Import subtle patterns as shape fills.

Sketch i18n by Kristof Houben visit website

Translate pages in Sketch.

Sketch i18n enables you to generate translation files for a page and translate it. It acts in a non-destructive way so you can easily undo your changes later.

Sketch Vertical Teleporter by Gregory Wolanski visit website

Moves selected layers vertically according to the cursor position.


SketchDistributor by Peter Strömberg visit website

Distributes selected objects vertically or horizontally with a specified spacing.

The Sketch app allows you to distribute selected objects evenly, which is very handy. But sometimes you just want the objects distributed with a fixed spacing and that's when you turn to SketchDistributor.

Select Similar Layers

Select Similar Layers by Wes Roche visit website

A plugin that selects layers with similar attributes to those of the layer currently selected.

Sketch Navigator

Sketch Navigator by Arshad Chummun visit website

Artboard navigation (with autocomplete) for Sketch.

PaintCode for Sketch

PaintCode for Sketch by PixelCut visit website

Allows you to generate Swift or Objective-C code from your Artboards and Slices for easy integration in your iOS application.

You can select which Artboards and Slices will be exported into a StyleKit class in a form of drawing methods and image methods. StyleKit also provides global colors, gradient, and shadows from Artboard named Library to be used in all UIKit components. See more on YouTube.


ScreenFork by ScreenFork visit website

Sketchapp plugin that exports screen and their variants based on the layer prefix.

Lazy Exportable

Lazy Exportable by Pavel Laptev visit website

Plugin wich make layers exportable by type like groups, shapes, symbols, text layers, bitmaps. Also manually by name and suffix

Shared Text Styles

Shared Text Styles by Nils Hoenson visit website

A Sketch plugin that lets you import & export text styles throughout different Sketch documents.

Swift Color Palette

Swift Color Palette by Nahit Rüştü HEPER visit website

A SketchApp plugin that making color palette an enum in other words generates Swift Color Theme files from your Sketch documents.

Find And Replace (Sketch-Find-And-Replace)

Find And Replace (Sketch-Find-And-Replace) by Created by Martin Steven - @mscodemonkey, Updated by Thierry Charbonnel @thierryc visit website

Finds text in selected layer(s) and all layers contained within - and replaces it with different text. Features partial, case sensitive and full-document matching.


Language-Sketch-Plugin by Hoai Nguyen visit website

A Sketch plugin for multi-language design

You can generate, edit and translate your text content to multiple language.

Mockplus iDoc

Mockplus iDoc by Mockplus visit website

A Sketch plugin for design collaboration, including generating specs, cutting slices, note styles, and team management.

A brand-new collaboration tool for designers and developers. It goes far beyond design and workflow—which allows designers to create a masterpiece. It allows you to upload your wireframes and visual designs from Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Sketch. With the plugins, it’s easy to add artboards in iDoc and handoff designs with accurate specs, assets, code snippets automatically.